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David J. Barron   Genre: Sci-Fi


David J. Barron on Facebook

David J. Barron, a fellow member of Writers’ Group on Facebook, writes science fiction in the theme of alien abduction and wars in space. He has three books published,  currently available on Amazon in paperback or ebook form.

Barron’s first title, Protocol 13, is Volume I of a two part prequel which is followed by The Roo. These two stories lead up to his final work,  Marauders of the Synchronetic Line,  which has received 5 stars from a reader including a review that compliments the “fun and colorful crew of humans and hybrids [as the main character] embarks on a new life with a new purpose” (Ida). In reading the descriptions, my curiosity is tickled as to how the titles of his stories connect to the intriguing plot and I admit – I really want to know how the stories unfold!

Barron’s biography explains his writing style by speaking of his life experiences: “Throughout the years, he has lived in and amongst some of the most interesting, violent, colorful and seedy communities and people on the planet. He has felt the brotherhood of soldiers in arms on foreign soil and the solitude and loneliness of 2 O’clock in the morning mid-week on Hollywood Boulevard. All this time he has been writing” (Barron).

With such an intriguing snapshot of his history and how it effects his writing, plus the glowing reviews of his readers, I believe Barron’s books should be on my ‘To Read’ list. If you get to them before I do, leave a review on Amazon, drop a comment here or shoot me an email via my contact page. Enjoy!


Barron, David J. “David J. Barron.” Amazon. Www.amazon.com, n.d. Web.


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