“For Katie”

For Katie

Photo from: https://journeyingbeyondbreastcancer.com/2015/02/13/laurels-story/

The process of writing this short story actually began in a course I was taking at Pima Community College. Writing 206, taught by Professor J. Milliken, to be exact. Short story writing. I loved it. It was supposed to be my final assignment, but I ended up not using it.

You see, work-shopping this story over the course of about six months, “For Katie” became my baby. The seed of the idea for this story was to write about one of the most epic moments in my life: the birth of my daughter. I began writing it in the form of a biographical moment, but it was just so personal that I couldn’t bring myself to actually show it to anyone. I knew I wanted to write a birth story. I knew I could use my experience in childbirth to help describe such a moment. I knew that it felt absolutely perfect to write it in the first person. It just couldn’t be about me.

Since it couldn’t be about me, my main character, Ellie, couldn’t have the same experiences I did. Maybe her child wasn’t planned. Maybe her child wasn’t… wanted. Those thoughts led me through the process of thickening the plot, moving the story forward. They also urged me into comparing my experiences birthing my sons to that of my daughter. I researched others births. I spoke with friends and family about theirs.

Over the course of six months, I put this story together. It took months longer to concentrate on dialogue, description, and finally grammar and spelling. Add on the time it took me to learn how to use certain aspects of the internet, as well as my computer programs, and it’s been close to a year since I first set pen to paper on this journey.

Today, I begin a new journey and begin creating a brand new baby. I’ll be writing Ellie’s odyssey, all the way from the beginning. I hope it brings me as much joy as writing her short story did. I hope this work brings satisfaction to all those who have begged me to expand on it. I hope I can re-publish “For Katie” in a few months, no longer a short story, but a full length novel. And I hope you love it just as much.

  • “For Katie” is listed on Kindle, currently priced at $0.99, or free on Kindle Unlimited. Please click the link (or copy and paste to your browser) in the widget on the right hand side of the page.




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