“Just Desserts”

Kindle Just Desserts

For sale on Amazon.com, “Just Desserts” wasn’t necessarily my favorite story to work on. I want to provide the best products for my customers; something that is known to grab the reader from the first sentence and take them for a trip. It’s not right to play favorites with your babies, I know, but I have to in order to be honest with myself so that I can be honest with my readers.

Why didn’t I like working on “Just Desserts” as much as I enjoyed “For Katie?” Why did my latest project feel like such a chore to finish? I mean, when I completed “For Katie,” I was a bit sad yet excited, and filled with a kind of trepidation that made the whole experience of finally being a (self-)published author seem exciting. But with this last story, I felt a sort of…. doom.

Maybe the genre is just not for me. I mean, I absolutely love Shakespeare’s plays and Poe is one of my absolute favorite short story authors. Both of their works are terrifically full of irony any way you turn, and maybe my attempt seemed unbearably pathetic in comparison. Or maybe it was the knowledge of just who Marie is to Mandee that made it hard for me to continue the dialogue in an interesting fashion. Whatever the reason, I’m just not sure if I pulled it off correctly.

I want readers to check out both stories and let me know. I challenge you to critique my work. Give me your most blunt statements of how you think I can improve in order to provide a more satisfying story. Compare and contrast. Are my characters believable? What about the plot? Can you see a traditional story arc? Leave a comment here, email me from the contact thumbnail on the top of the page. I’m dying to hear what you have to say. 🙂

     Just Desserts on Amazon.com


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