A mom to three children and a dedicated daughter to her parents, Crystal enjoys life in the beautiful Arizona desert with her family as she attends classes at Pima Community College. Working towards her Associate’s of Science for transfer to the prestigious University of Arizona, Crystal hopes to one day graduate with a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science and Microbiology. As a scholar and mother, her schedule is filled to the brim, yet she strives to find the time to jot down a few words each day.

For Crystal, writing is an old love and great passion that began with a crush on reading. She was often found as a child, wondering aimlessly while walking into trees, posts and whatnot due to her nose being stuck in her newest discovery. Her favorite authors span many genres, from Poe, Homer, and Socrates to Dr. Seuss and on to Feehan and Kenyon. Today, Crystal also enjoys writing across many genres, from poetry like ‘To the Audist,’ which was published in the 2016 edition of SandScript, and other works listed on PoetrySoup to fiction short stories like ‘For Katie,’ sold on Kindle and Amazon. Crystal is currently working on various articles and short stories. She also hopes to begin writing her first novel shortly; an expansion of ‘For Katie,’ ¬†featuring a history of the two sisters and how they desperately seek to find peace and cope with the events that they are faced with in their short story.